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        »  Light Stabilizer
        Light Stabilizing Agent 802
        Chemical Name Nickel 3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy benzylphoshponate monoethylate Light stabilizer 802
        Molecular formula C34H58O8P2Ni
        Molecular weight 713.5
        Chemical Structure
        Main Indexes A kind of powder that will assume light yellow or light green according to the difference of the water content.
        Freely soluble in common organic solvent, the solubility in water is 5g/100ml( 20℃).
        Heating loss:%≤ 3.0
        Nickel content :%≥ 7.4
        Phosphorus content:%≥ 8.0
        Melting point : ℃≥ 174.0
        Residue on sieve: %(120mesh)≤ 5.0
        Characteristics and Uses This product is suitable for polyolefin as well as its copolymer and synthetic rubber, etc. It not only can improve the polymer's light resistance, but also can increase the dyeing behavior and the antioxygenic property. It can strengthen the weathering resistance and stainability of the polypropylene fibre, it can lengthen the polyethylene film's useful life. It can be used in the polyethylene fish twine, for it has good spinnability, knot strength and tensile strength.
        It is especially suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene film, braided strap and fibre products. When we use the product with the ultraviolet absorber, secondary antioxidant, etc simultaneously, they have the synergetic effect.
        Common usage level: 0.1~1.0%.
        Storing and Packaging

        Packing of products:20kg cardboard drum inner lining plastic bag, and fit with fractional packages of 0.5kg and 1kg for customer probation.
        Product toxicity & storage:white rat oral toxicity LD50 is 965mg/kg. It may cause skin and respiratory tract irritation, so must keep the operating environment well-ventilated and avoid breathing in the dust; when store, pay attention to prevent moisture and water.


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